Rebreather Forum 4, Deep Wreck Exploration Diving Package!
This package takes you on an incredible 5-day journey, both before and after the Rebreather Forum 4, to explore the best Historic Deep Wrecks found around Malta.

Our package offers a complete support package based on one Deep Wreck a day, with a purpose-built technical dive boat with a lift, rebreather and bailout cylinders, sorb, as well as oxygen and helium mixes.
Everything is included to make sure your Malta Deep Wreck experience is unforgettable.

This package will take you to some of Malta's most famous wrecks, including the Polynesian, a spectacular and intact large passenger liner resting in 65m depth, the HMS Nasturtium, and of course the breath-taking wreck of the HMS Southwold.
Your journey will allow you to explore the fascinating and well-preserved wrecks from the World War I & II era, all located in deep water, providing an exciting and challenging dive experience.

Our package is limited to just 12 CCR divers per week, so don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and book your Malta Deep Wreck package today!

Pre-show 5-day diving package: April 14th to 18th.
Post-show 5-day diving package: April 24th to 28th.

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